Douglas Fir Clean—simply majestic.

Douglas Fir, also known as Oregon Pine or Red Spruce has been coveted by furniture, cabinet and home builders since the colonial era, and its strength and wear resistance, coupled with its strong, flowing grain lines make it an ideal choice for a wide plank floor.

Although Douglas Fir is readily available in much of the United States, we rigorously inspect and select only the best examples to use in our wide plank flooring. It’s a time consuming process, but the end result is well worth the effort.

Our Douglas Fir Clean features strong, flowing lines uninterrupted by knots, and it has a depth and clarity that few woods have. Its perfect for both contemporary and traditional applications, and readily accepts a wide variety of finishes and treatments.

Speak to one of our wide plank flooring specialists today about this truly majestic wood.

All Woodwrights wide plank floors are handcrafted at our mill in Riverhead, New York. We only sell floors that we manufacture—something few flooring companies can lay claim to.

Douglas-Fir-Wideplank-Floor-Square Engineered:
Thickness: ¾”
Width: 6-12” nominal
Length: 4-14’
Available: random length
Thickness ¾” | 1-1/8”
Width 6-16” nominal
Length 6-26′ long
Available: random length


Finishing your floor onsite.

Onsite finishing of your Douglas Fir wide plank floor produces superior results, that’s why we suggest having your new floor finished onsite by our team of professionals.

Advantages to onsite finishing are:

  • An extremely smooth surface with no detectable high or low points between the boards.
  • No grooves or micro-bevels, which trap dust and interrupt grain flow.
  • Inlays, borders or other flooring techniques can be employed for those interested in a truly custom floor.
Long Island mill and sales office:

Woodwrights is one of the few wide plank flooring companies in America that both mills and installs the floors they sell. Centrally located—and easily accessible from Long Island and Connecticut—we encourage our clients to visit and see how we craft our floors.

132 Kroemer Avenue
Riverhead, NY 11901

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