Woodwrights Oak Clean—distinctively different.

Not all Oak is created the same—and there is one profound difference between the common American Oak you see in most furniture and flooring, and our exclusive European Oak. Woodwrights European Oak wide plank flooring grows at a much slower rate than American Oak, and this produces a very tight grain grain which enhances the strength and beauty of the wood. And because of its increased strength we are able to achieve board widths and lengths that you cannot safely achieve with American Oak wide plank floors.

Our Knotless Clean White Oak is a highly versatile wood and readily accepts a wide range of finishes and treatments—it’s perfectly at home in causal, contemporary and even traditional settings.

Our European Oak is sourced from a small family-owned mill near the forest of Spessart, Germany. They carefully hand select and harvest trees only when they are fully matured—a process which an take up to 300 years. Woodwrights Oak Clean is taken from the bottom portion of the tree, where no knotting occurs.

All Woodwrights wide plank floors are hand made at our mill in Riverhead, New York. We only sell floors that what we manufacture—something few flooring companies can lay claim to.

oak-clean-wideplank Engineered:
Thickness: ¾”
Width: 6-12” nominal
Length: 4-14’
Available: random length
Thickness: ¾” | 1-1/8”
Width: 6-16” nominal
Length: 6-16′
Available: random length


Finishing your floor onsite.
Onsite finishing of your Clean European Oak wide plank floor produces the best results, that’s why we suggest having your new floor finished onsite by our team of professionals.

Advantages to onsite finishing:

  • An extremely smooth surface with no detectable high or low points between the boards.
  • No grooves or micro-bevels, which trap dust and interrupt grain flow.
  • Inlays, borders or other flooring techniques can be employed for those interested in a truly custom floor.
Oak wide plank flooring photo

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