Woodwrights Walnut Clean—make a bold statement

Walnut is hardwood that adds a dramatic look to any living space. Its rich brown tone and strong, intricate grain patterns are ideal for natural finishes, and its durability and strength make for a lasting impression. Our American Clean Walnut wide plank flooring is sourced from a small, family owned mill that prides itself on the quality of their wood as well as thoughtful stewardship of the environment.

We offer some of the widest planks in the industry, and our Clean Walnut wide plank flooring features a stunning grain uninterrupted by knots—perfect for contemporary settings.

We suggest having our Clean Walnut wide plank floors finished onsite. This assures the highest quality results for your project.

Looking for a more rustic approach? We also offer Knotted Walnut.

All Woodwrights Walnut wide plank flooring is created at our mill in Riverhead, New York. We only sell floors that we manufacture—something few flooring companies can say.

walnut-wide-plank-squareEngineered: Thickness: ¾” Width: 6-12” nominal Length: 4-14’ Available: random lengthSolid: Thickness: ¾” | 1” Width: 6-16” nominal Length: 6-14′ Available: random length
Finishing your floor onsite.
Onsite finishing of your walnut wide plank floor produces superior results, that’s why we suggest having your new floor finished onsite by our team of professionals. Advantages to onsite finishing are:
  • An extremely smooth surface with no detectable high or low points between the boards.
  • No grooves or micro-bevels, which trap dust and interrupt grain flow.
  • Inlays, borders or other flooring techniques can be employed for those interested in a truly custom floor.
Walnut wide plank flooring

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