Woodwrights Oak Knotted—strength of character

Knotted European Oak wide plank floors are highly versatile; featuring a tight, flowing grain pattern highlighted by distinctive knots which add a touch of depth and visual interest to the wood. It readily accepts a wide range of finishes and treatments that makes it perfect for use in any living space—from a modern kitchen to a rustic mountain retreat.

It’s incredible strength of character gives us the ability to offer this luxurious hardwood in widths and sizes that exceed those of most manufacturers. Knotted European Oak’s durability is legendary, which means Woodwrights Knotted Oak wide plank floors will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Woodwrights Oak Knotted is procured from a family operated mill located near a forest in Spessart, Germany. Each hand selected piece of wood is harvested from fully mature trees that range in age from 250-350 years old. We use the top portion of the tree, where branches create knots that give the wood its distinctive look.

Hand Made in Riverhead, NY

All Woodwrights Knotted Oak wide plank floors are hand crafted at our own mill in Riverhead, New York. We sell only the wide plank flooring we manufacture—something few flooring companies can lay claim to.

oak-clean-wideplank-2Engineered: Thickness: ¾” Width: 6-12” nominal Length: 4-14’ Available: random lengthSolid: Thickness: ¾” | 1-1/8” Width: 6-16” nominal Length: 6-16′ Available: random length
Knotted Oak Wide Plank Floors

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