Woodwrights Oak Reclaimed—history in your home

Our reclaimed Oak wide plank floors feature woods that have been gently recycled from historic structures that are—on average—150 to 200 years old. Once we receive the raw wood, each board is milled as little as possible and inspected to meet our rigid specifications. We go to great lengths to preserve the natural beauty and history of these woods and they will make a dramatic impact to any living space.

Their unique character lies in their history—nail holes, water streaks and kerf marks all tell a story about the wood’s past life. The time you spend living with these floors takes you back to a simpler time, when a home was the primary gathering point for friends, family and loved ones.

All Woodwrights wideplank flooring is hand made at our mill in Riverhead, New York. We only sell floors that we create—something few flooring companies can lay claim to.

reclaimed-oak-wide-plank-squareEngineered: Thickness: ¾” Width: 6-12” nominal Length: 4-14’ Available: random lengthSolid: Thickness ¾” | 1-1/8” Width 6-12” nominal Length 4-14′ Available: random length
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The best reclaimed oak wide plank flooring

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