Woodwrights Teak—stunning and durable

Besides its unparalleled beauty and extensive cultural history (beginning over 2,000 years ago), Teak also has one very strong quality that helps set it apart from the rest—growing in warm climates such as Indonesia, Equatorial Africa and Central America has allowed this wonderful species to evolve into a something that is highly resistant to natural elements and human wear.

Our Teak wide plank flooring features a high oil content and tensile strength that makes it particularly fitting for traffic areas such as kitchens, rec rooms and bathrooms. Furthermore, it will  stand up to humidity and daily traffic for many years, assuring you of a long and beautiful life.

But don’t choose a Teak wide plank floor for its durability alone. The wood’s natural beauty makes it a perfect fit for any room in your home or office.

All Woodwrights Teak wide plank floors are handcrafted at our mill in Riverhead, New York. We only sell floors that we craft—something few flooring companies can say.

Teak-Wideplank-Floor-SquareEngineered: Thickness: ¾” Width: 6-12” nominal Length: 4-14’ Available: random lengthSolid: Thickness: ¾” | 1” Width: 6-16” nominal Length: 6-14′ Available: random length
Teak wide plank floors image

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