Birch Trees In A Summer ForestMany of us already know that wood is an endlessly renewable flooring material and properly managed forests reduce any negative environmental impact to near zero. But there are some other interesting environmental facts about wood flooring that you may not know about:


  • According to the US Department of Agriculture/Forest Service, the growth of hardwood is greater than the amount of hardwood removed.
  • Wood floors improve indoor air quality. They have close to zero emissions as compared to other flooring materials and they do not trap allergens they way carpets do.
  • Wood floors are just one of many phases in the life cycle of wood. Once a wood floor is removed from a home or office, it can find new life by being burned for fuel, recycled for furniture or re-purposed into other materials such as paper and packaging.
  • Wood floors are one of the primary choices musicians, producers and engineers because they harbor incredible acoustic properties, ranging from warmth to brightness.
  • Wood floors are a primary choice of gyms and other athletic facilities because of their incredibly durability, impact absorption and bounce back properties (they look beautiful too!).


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