Winter is finally here and the weather is not holding back; snow, wet footwear and ice can all take a toll on your wood floors. Maintaining your beautiful wide planks can be as simple as these few steps:

  • Avoid Salting Your Front Steps
  • Use Mats at all Entranceways
  • Wipe up Puddles Right Away
  • Keep Proper Cleaning Equipment on Hand

Avoid Using Salt On Your Front Steps –
This is important to consider because salt is known to damage many materials. It can be harmful to your floors and breakdown the finish. Once salt is caught in the tiny crevices of your boots, it can be dragged all over your floor. Opt for a more natural method of melting such as sand or fertilizer, but be aware that these methods can cause damage as well.

Use Mats at all Entranceways –
Exterior doors and moisture go hand in hand. Invest in quality floor mats with rubber backing to place at the foot of your entranceways. The moisture will be absorbed by the mat instead of your wood floor. Avoid leaving wet mats on the wood flooring, as this could stain your planks.

Wipe Up Puddles Right Away –
Making a habit of wiping up spills and puddles right away can drastically prolong the life of your floor. Because mats won’t always catch all of the moisture, leave a mop or cloth by entranceways for quick cleanups. Encourage the removal of shoes and boots before stepping on the floor.

Keep Proper Cleaning Equipment on Hand –
Woodwrights Wide Plank Flooring is a maintenance floor, and this maintenance applies to any season. Expect to be wiping, sweeping and mopping your wood floors more often during the colder months, especially in high traffic areas. Keeping a clean mop, two buckets and WOCA maintenance soap on hand will allow for a quick cleanup anytime of the day.

Each of these tips will extend the life of your Woodwrights Wide Planks and help to keep your wood flooring clean in the winter. Do your part and let the natural beauty and charm of wood floors glow for years to come.


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