For many people the term ‘reclaimed wood’ evokes thoughts of rustic style homes and log cabins. Decades ago this idea commonly held true; today modern reclaimed floors can be a harmonious counterpart to modern designs. They offer subtle character and warmth, which adds to the overall energy of the space. Consider these four qualities reclaimed floors will contribute to your contemporary design:

1.) Lends a Unique-Persona to Homes-

Reclaimed wood has been a popular statement piece since the 1980’s; it went from shabby chic to the ultimate expression of individuality. Nothing compares to the natural aging process of reclaimed wood; no two pieces are the same.

2.) Creates a Harmonious Counterpart to Modern Design-

Reclaimed wood can be a wonderful compliment to the angles, glass and cement elements you typically find in a contemporary design. Additionally to being one of the most sustainable options, recycled wood often exemplifies a natural beautiful neutral tone which is an important element of contemporary design.

3.) Livens up Your Space-

Recycled wood can liven a modern space. The juxtaposition of old and new will create an unparalleled elegant feeling. Placement of your reclaimed wood, weather it be flooring or paneling will bring excitement and help build a dynamic space.  It creates a lively exciting atmosphere without limiting sharp crisp lines.

4.) Creates a Sense of Warmth-

Contemporary designs are known specifically for sharp clean neutral elements that can sometimes be read as cold. Reclaimed wood will warm up the space with immense natural character and function as a sophisticated focal point.

Contemporary or not, reclaimed wood floors are an excellent, often overlooked option to make just the statement you are looking for. Finding the right combination of reclaimed wood and modern design will allow you to create a truly custom interior that perfectly fits your lifestyle.


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