Oceanfront property is prime living. It’s hard to beat falling asleep to the fresh breeze and the calming sound of waves crashing. While this may seem desirable, there is a dark side to it all. Heightened moisture in the air will warp and distort things over time, and if not properly maintained will inevitably corrode. Wood floors seem to take one of the hardest hits. If you live near anywhere near the water and want to have your floors last a lifetime, engineered flooring is the only way to go. The processes solid wood goes through to become engineered planks makes it considerably stronger than untouched wood alone.

How We Engineer:

A thick 5mm wear layer of wood of your choice is adhered to our 11-ply Baltic Birch plywood. The perpendicular layers of this plywood strengthen the plank’s core and transform it into a reliable product. Because of this added stability, little to no warping will take place even in the most strenuous conditions.

How We Install:

Using a glue-down method, our experienced professionals carefully install planks one at a time. They are locked into place with a tongue-and-groove feature. Once dry, the glue adds another ‘moisture-barrier’ to your floor; it adheres to the bottom on the plank and the top of the subflooring ultimately creating an unbreakable bond.

How We Finish:

Natural oils are used to finish your floors. They are left both looking and feeling magnificent. You won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and smells during the finishing process. An added benefit of using oils to finish your floor is that they penetrate the wood’s surface and work from the inside out adding yet another moisture barrier to the finished floor.

At Woodwrights we specialize in custom engineered flooring and always make it our priority mill the widest and longest and strongest planks in the industry. We refuse to let the engineering processes limit our production capabilities and consistently look for solutions to push those limits. We believe in engineered wood flooring and take pride in every plank we produce. If you live anywhere near the water and plan of having your floors for a lifetime, Woodwrights Wide Plank engineered flooring is your only option.

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