Few flooring surfaces can match the look and feel of real Woodwrights Wide Plank Flooring. It’s elegant and authentic, feels warm and smooth. Those who love wood floors usually opt to install it over all surfaces of their home including their kitchen, but is this really a good idea?

As beautiful as wood flooring in a kitchen may look, it is one of the most trafficked areas of the entire home. Spills, drops, cooking incidents are unavoidable…how much is too much for your wood flooring?

In general wood floors tend to be low maintenance.  They are a natural material and have porous, ‘breathable’ surfaces which does require a certain level of care.

If kept up properly, your wood floors will continue to repel stains and liquids for a long time. Good news- proper upkeep makes wood flooring a strong candidate for most rooms in your home, including the kitchen!

At Woodwrights we believe in installing wherever your vision requires – including kitchens and bathrooms. If you do install wood flooring in your kitchen, we recommend you take a couple specific maintenance precautions:

  • Wipe up spills – No matter what part of your home this happens in, wipe up spills immediately. You can do so with a clean dry cloth or towel.  Acting quickly will help eliminate stains immensely.  
  • Place mats in ‘splash-zones’ – Placing mats in areas where there is an increased flow of liquid such as the sink or dishwasher will help prevent any consistent water damage.  These mats will absorb excess splashing you may have overlooked.  (Make sure they do not become too soaked, leaving a wet mat on the floor can cause staining.)

Besides the recommended regular maintenance of your floors, following these simple tips will allow your wood floors to look as great as they did the day they were installed.

So yes, install wood in your kitchen, and enjoy!


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