stable, durable, dependable.  beautiful, versatile, original.  undervalued, underutilized, overlooked.


OGWhiteAshash wide plank is all of these things and more, yet it seems to hold permanent status as the neglected cousin of more popular hardwoods.  we don’t source ash as much as we used to, and certainly not as much as we would like to, as white oak has really come to dominate the market these days.  however, choosing old-growth, wide plank ash, is a consideration more customers should be making.  ash wide plank is an incredibly versatile canvas to work with, and shows well with so many different finishes.








it also ranks right there with white oak on the hardness scale, so you can rest assured that old growth ash is a floor that will endure and look great for many, many years.





do you have questions about old growth ash wide plank?  please let us know, we love any opportunity we have to work with such a fantastic material.  click on the link below to email  your questions to me.






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