Take a look at this space we transformed into a unique bespoke home. All elements are custom designed and intentionally chosen. Different types of wood including Woodwrights vertical grain western red cedar, teak, and maple have been strategically selected based on tone and grain. 

The specific material and color contribute to the grand feeling of this home.

Family and friends gather in this warm tonal kitchen and dining area for delicious homemade dinners. The warm tones create a relaxing environment for celebrations and gatherings.

Woodwrights Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar paneling generously line the walls and ceiling with it’s soft subtle grain and warm grey, brown and red undertones.

Woodwrights Teak, and Maple strike up a conversation on the floor.

Warm, dense, wide plank teak is layered between light toned strips of maple to create a statement and enhance the spaces’ beautiful open floor plan.



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