i want to take a moment today to talk about wire brushing a hardwood floor, and the results it creates, specifically on wide plank flooring.

pre-oiled wire-brushed country grade white oak

first of all, ‘wire brushing’, what are we talking about?  it’s just what you think it would be,  a wire brush passed over the face of the plank under pressure to add a textured surface.  the bristles actually remove the softer fibers in the wood, which accentuates the natural grain found in each plank, and highlights the wood’s unique grain pattern.  the end result is a floor that is entirely unique, and loaded with character.


at woodwrights wide plank, we prefer to oil finish our wire brushed wide plank floors, rather than stain and seal it with polyurethane.  a brushed and oiled wood floor exhibits a distinct warmth and timeless feel.  depending on the finish, a brushed and oiled floor can look soft and weathered or sleek and modern.


so, depending on the style you are searching for, you might want to consider a wire brushed wide plank floor.  a true custom floor, which is what woodwrights wide plank is known for, displays all the timeless character your floor has to offer.





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