As wood floors experience years of use, softer grains begin to fade, making the hardier grains more prominent. This natural wearing process creates gentle rolling peaks and shallow valleys within the floor qnd If you’ve ever visited a colonial restoration such as Williamsburg, you can see first hand the beautiful results of this foot worn effect.


A hand-crafted foot worn surface from Woodwrights Wide Plank Flooring is a great way to add depth, dimension and visual interest to one of our wide plank floors — and it’s the perfect option for those seeking to recreate the look and feel of a well aged wood flooring. Best of all, the strength and durability of the wood is that of a new installation, so you don’t have to worry about dryness, cracking and other problems associated with floors that are hundreds of years old.


Our craftsmen use a wide array of traditional tools and work each plank to highlight its most appealing characteristics. No two planks ever look the same and the result is nothing short of stunning. I’m always amazed at how these floors both catch and reflect light, creating a fascinating “light puddling” effect not found in your standard smooth wood floor.


If you’re looking to create a truly custom touch to your wide plank floor, consider adding a custom foot worn surface.




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