cerused oak is has come back to prominence, and we are seeing it in all aspects of design.  from chairs to desks, doors, floors, and cabinetry, ceruse treatments seem to be everywhere.  so what is it?

known in europe as ‘liming’, ceruse treatment has been around since the the 16th century.  it involves working color, usually white, into the grain of wood to add contrast.  oak is by far the most common species it is applied to, due to both availability and the wild variations of its grain pattern.


the attached photo shows the white pigment worked into the grain of wire-brushed white oak.  these days, you will see ceruse used with all types of base colors, from black to light, beachy tones.  it has become a popular design element to introduce depth and texture.


have you noticed these finishes anywhere lately?  do you like them?  do you feel it’s more of a passing trend?  let us know what you think.
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