whether you hear it called tiger, flame, fiddleback, ripple or curly maple, we’re still talking about the same thing.  it’s not a species, but rather an occurrence found in both hard and soft types of maple, though much more prevalent in soft.  it’s a beautiful “defect” caused by distortion that runs perpendicular to the grain of the wood, giving it distinct striping and rippling.


the dramatic appearance makes it a sought after aesthetic for furniture, custom cabinets, and high-end guitar necks, but also will produce a gorgeous wide plank floor in the right hands.


a wide plank, long-length, tiger maple floor explodes with texture and depth, grabbing your attention from the moment you step foot in the room.  these floors are incredibly vibrant, never dull.



if this is a look that excites you, let us know.  we can mill a sample in several finishes for you to help you decide if this unique floor makes the right statement.  when it comes to tiger maple wide plank, photos can only show so much; you really need to see it up close and personal.  let woodwrights and our custom shop help get you there.






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