Douglas Fir, also known as Oregon Pine, Douglas Spruce and Red fir is one of the most valuable — and useful — timber trees in the world. And they have been an integral component in the forests of North America since the mid-Pleistocene age.


In the building trades, this highly adaptable tree is prized for its many fine qualities:

  • Dimensional stability
  • Superior strength to weight ratio
  • Resistance to elements


However, there are two factors that make Douglas Fir an easy choice for superior wide plank flooring:

  • High modulus of elasticity: this critical ratio is the amount the lumber will deflect in proportion to the load placed on it. Put simply, Douglas Fir, particularly the variety we use (Western Larch), is strong, adaptable and can put up with a good deal of daily foot traffic.
  • Grain: Douglas Fir comes in many different grain varieties depending on which grade you choose — from tight and even for a clean, flowing look to knotty and wavy for a more colonial feel.


Speak to us today about this amazing wood and all the options we have available. As an interesting side note, four to seven year old Douglas Fir is one of the most popular Christmas trees sold in the United States.