lately, it seems like the change of each season has been running a few weeks behind, then is in a mad dash to catch up.


autumn has arrived though, with the leaves changing and each day becoming noticeably shorter.  it always makes me think ahead, to snowy mountains, slow-cooked soups, fireplaces, and eastern white pine.


eastern white pine wide plank makes a beautiful floor, however they are really few and far between in this part of new york.  but, head upstate, or to new england, and you are a lot more likely to see these classic floors.  eastern white pine almost seems like the original wide plank, and has that classic, “winter ski lodge” look to it, and that is how most people think of it.  but with the right finish, eastern white pine wide plank can adapt to just about any environment.  it’s beautiful, timeless, and loaded with character both subtle and prominent.



but, hey, let’s be honest, not many floors are better suited to have a bear skin rug spread atop it, while a crackling fire and a glass of red wine help thaw you out after a long day on the mountain.  that’s eastern white pine folks, and it’s awesome.


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