wide plank hickory is already an extremely durable floor, so how do improve something that nature did such a good job designing?


engineer it.


wide plank hickory

wide plank hickory in our nyc showroom



hickory is a hardwood that we love here at woodwrights wide plank flooring, though it usually isn’t the first choice of homeowners.  i think much of that is due to a lack of exposure to hickory hardwood floors.  once most people see the rich contrasting hues of this classic american hardwood—especially when it comes to wide plank flooring— they end up having a better appreciation for it.

wide plank hickory


hickory has numerous benefits.  first of all, it is an extremely resilient wide plank floor, assuming it has been properly dried and prepared.  our hickory hardwood floors are sourced from professionals who take the steps needed to ensure there is no warping of the the wood.  because of its inherent strength, hickory is a perfect choice for high traffic areas.


secondly, you will be hard-pressed to find another hardwood floor that approaches the distinctive contrast in the grain pattern that hickory is known for.  the rich tan-brown heartwood and light-colored sapwood run alongside each other in thick, flowing swaths that create a warm and rustic country feel, but has also been shown to exhibit just the right amount of contrast in a more contemporary environment.


think about hickory for your next wide plank floor.  you’ll be guaranteed a gorgeous, unique hardwood floor that will stand up to anything you can throw at it.





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