European and American Oak share many similarities, but they also have two critical differences that will have an effect on your flooring choice.


First the similarities: both European Oak (Quercus Robur) and American Oak (Quercus Alba) are temperate hardwoods that are classified as White Oak. Both are known to be quite strong and typically live for hundreds of years. Both of these woods are quite similar in color, although the European species presents just a bit darker in most cases.


That’s where the similarities end.


When selecting and Oak floor for your home or workspace, understanding these two differences will help you during your decision making process.


  1. Grain pattern: European Oak general has a very distinctive, strong and wavy grain pattern accented by random burrs, while American Oak tends to be straighter and more uniform in presentation.
  2. Color variation: While all woods are products of nature, some variation in color is to be expected, but European Oak has a surprisingly consistent color from board to board when compared to American Oak.

No matter which species you may choose, all of Woodwrights Wide Plank Flooring European and American Oaks are sourced from sustainably managed forests.