The days of basking in the warm sun and enjoying a soft beach breeze are behind us, and we’re now in the season of turtleneck sweaters, light jackets and warm apple pie. Now that your wardrobe has changed to reflect the cool autumn weather, perhaps you should think about making small changes to your décor to reflect the season as well.

Here are some simple autumn updates for your home:

  • Strip your home of bright colors
  • Add neutral pieces in shades of grey, brown and taupe
  • Make use of functional items
  • Add textured pieces
  • Add leather and wood accents
  • Try a thicker throw rug
  • Change to warmer lighting
  • Layer your bedding
  • Switch out candles

Your goal is to swap out bright colors with a neutral palette; grey, brown, black, taupe, deep golds and reds are great options. This will keep the atmosphere airy and bright when guests walk in, but will maintain a warm feel.

Make use of functional items — add a fuzzy throw blanket to the back of your couch; there is nothing better than a cozy blanket that will simultaneously add texture to the space.  Leather and wood accents are a great way to add warmth; try an oversized leather or wooden bin to house anything from books to firewood.  Get organized and stay stylish at the same time.

Swap out white lampshades for beige or black- this is one of the simplest updates you can make that will have the biggest impact to the overall feeling of the room.

Layer your bedding just as you would your clothes! Add a quilted coverlet under a duvet and some crocheted throw pillows.

Swap out all of your seaside and floral infused candles for warm woodsy scents. It’s a subtle way to add to the atmosphere of your home.

Remember, these are just some suggested fall updates for your home — be creative, experiment and try different things. You may just end up with a pleasant surprise!

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Fall updates for your home