With autumn comes forests teeming with vivid color and fresh earthy scents. Deep within the heart of Germany lays the dense Spessart Forest, a beautiful sight to see this time of year.  Woodwrights derives our oak flooring – both clean and knotted – from a small family owned mill in this secluded section of the country. Germany is well known for its beautiful forests, which are filled with sturdy trees, and tended to by sawyers, mills and craftsmen who hold a tremendous respect for nature. It’s the primary reason we look to this country for our oak flooring.

We travel  to the Spessart Forest a few times a year to hand select our lumber supply. We choose only the longest and widest trees, which translates into a a final product that is longer, wider and stronger than most traditional oak flooring.

German Forest Facts:

  • The forests are protected and grown for future generations – by law
  • Germany has had forest management for over 300 years
  • Logs that are cultivated are approximately 250 years old
  • Each tree is tagged, enabling us to follow your oak floor back to its origin
  • German Oak is naturally growing
  • Centuries of forestry experience


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