LiveSawnwhen it’s right, country grade white oak is a captivating material for a wide plank floor;  tight knots rich with individual character and cathedral grain gradually drifting from the center like ripples from a stone in calm water.  each floor, each plank really, belongs to itself, and there is not another one on this earth like it.


the problem in our industry lately is the quality of the grade has been slipping for a while now.  the difference between what used to be considered “country” or “character” grade just a few years ago, and what passes for it today is pretty significant.  large, loose knots, heavy checking, and wild grain have somehow become the norm.  one strength of our company that largely goes unnoticed and unmentioned is how hard we work to find suppliers who understand true quality, and never compromise, regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the industry.


the floor above is a beautiful example of what country grade white oak can be, and what we think it always should be.  8″ wide, engineered with lengths from 6′-14′, and pre-finished with natural oils that enhance what’s already there, rather than covering it up.  it’s a simple formula, but it takes a constant amount of work to establish that level of quality, and even more to maintain it.  at woodwrights wide plank our staff appreciates that challenge and rises to it every day, no matter what.






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