recently, i was discussing finishes with a client that wanted an antique look for their new hardwood floors and when i mentioned handscraping as an option, he asked what that was.  being surrounded by wood floors every day at woodwrights wide plank, i sometimes forget that not everyone has a craftsman’s understanding of wood flooring and all the great things you can do to give it a truly unique appearance.


in the era before the industrial revolution, wood plank floors were sawn by hand. the face of the plank was then scraped by with a plane to smooth out the surface.  it was an imperfect process but the best that could be done with the tools available.  once machining wood floors became an option, it took over the industry and now the overwhelming majority of hardwood floors are smooth and level.

for those seeking to install a wide plank wood floor with the kind of character that feels like it’s been under their feet for years, a handscraped treatment is great option.  each plank has it’s own unique characteristics that, when taken as a whole, create a wide plank floor that is truly custom. Visit our custom shop to learn more about our traditional finishing options.


a handscraped wide plank floor is also a perfect option for high-traffic/high-wear spaces where any imperfections will blend into the floor.


if you are searching for a one-of-a-kind floor that looks fantastic and will stand up to whatever you throw at it, consider a wide plank floor with a handscraped finish from woodwrights wide plank.  custom wide plank floors are what we are all about.




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