Woodwrights Shop Repair

i know companies everywhere can say they have a lot of moving parts, but we literally have moving parts everywhere in our shop.  between custom carpentry tooling, raw materials coming in, finished materials going out, and everything in between, it takes an experienced and dedicated crew to keep things moving.


that experience pays off when the inevitable bumps in the road pay a visit, and we’re fortunate to have a wealth of experience across the board to evaluate, address and correct just about any issues that comes their way.







just as important is the ability to maintain consistency in everything we do during the ‘normal’ periods of production.  we talk about keeping things moving and staying on task, and all our people make it a point to stay focused, regardless of what may be happening in another division.


milled wood



we certainly feel the experience of our staff gives us an edge, whether it be heading potential issues off before they arise, or just having the work ethic and drive to want to succeed, paired with an appreciation for custom-crafted woods and the effort it takes to produce them.







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