the winter olympics are almost here and as i think of the athletes, i am reminded of how our floors and the tools the athletes use are so closely related to each other.






just like the best skis and snowboards, our engineered floors are carefully crafted in-house, under the watchful eyes of experienced carpenters.  our facility is a mill and not a factory and it is for that reason that we can ensure the quality of our product.  in the video below, you can see that burton, the most recognizable name in snowboards, still works to maintain the standards that earned them their reputation, while constantly pursuing new innovations.  I still have my original snowboard from the(gulp) 80’s, back  when the board was molded plywood and that’s about it.  now, it’s layers of engineered materials designed to provide just the right amount of strength and flex.




our 3-ply floors do much the same thing, offering strength, durability, and the ability to mitigate fluctuations in moisture and humidity.  like the athletes skis and snowboards, they are designed and constructed to perform best under the conditions they work in.









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