To prolong the life of any wood floor, a certain level of maintenance is required. Tile, carpet and wood — you name it — all require a cleaning routine.

An oiled wood floor requires the same standard level of maintenance, only with a highly specialized product — natural soap. It’s a product specifically made for the care of wood floors, and due to its unique nourishing properties, it quickly closes the pores of a floor to protect against dirt and penetration of liquids.

Woodwrights Wide Plank Flooring uses WOCA Natural Soaps, because their products contain specific cleaning agents and emollients extracted from soybeans and coconut oils. These agents retain the floor’s moisture, just as quality soap would for your hands.  As they dry and form an invisible film on the surface, the floor receives added protection against wear and dirt. When a wood floor has been finished with White Oil, Soap White should be used to reinforce the lighter look.

What you will need to clean your wood floor:

  • bucket
  • warm water
  • mop
  • WOCA Natural Soap

WOCA products are superior in quality, and they are naturally effective.  For more information on the products Woodwrights Wide Plank Flooring uses, visit WOCA’s website.

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wood floor care by WOCA