A critical part of preparing a woodwrights wide plank floor is the process of kiln drying wood to achieve the proper moisture content.


In short, kiln drying involves placing wood boards in a large kiln and allowing warm, dry air to circulate around and through the wood. During this process, the Moisture Content (known as MC) of the wood is constantly monitored and the wood is removed when it reaches optimal Moisture Content.


Kiln drying is important for these five reasons:

  • Drying wood to the proper Moisture Content (MC) will stabilize the final board and help it keep its proper shape and size.
  • As wood dips below a 30% moisture content, its strength increases.
  • Properly dried wood creates a strong “bite”, which hold nails, screws and glues far better than non-dried wood.
  • Dried wood is a far better thermal insulator than moisture-rich wood.
  • Most of all, properly dried wood lasts longer and is essential for the proper application of  preservatives, stains and dyes.

Every woodwrights wide plank floor is kiln dried for optimal Moisture Content, which varies depending on which region of the country you live in.