Antiqued.New.Oakhave a look at a prefinished wide plank floor we milled for a client not too long ago.  the 9″ wide planks are country-grade (also called character-grade) white oak.  and even though we sourced old growth new oak, we were able to give it that ‘antique’ look you see with one of our custom pre-treatments.


by reacting with the tannins present in oak, the treatment deepens hues in the grain of each plank, and the results are apparent in the photo.  a natural oil finish with white pigments makes everything pop, giving just the right amount of contrast.


one of the best features of this particular finish is its versatility.  it straddles the line between traditional and some of the more recent trends in design.  the floor serves as a grounding element in designs with strong, contemporary features, acting almost as the ‘roots’ of the space.  it has the ability to create a connection with the outdoor space that surrounds it as well.  in a traditional setting, it blends right in, looking like a wide plank floor that’s been there for ages.


at woodwrights wide plank, we love talking design, form and function.  if you have questions or ideas you’d like to work through, don’t be afraid to reach out to us.  for us, it’s one of the best perks of what we do, and often helps spawn new ideas in our shop.
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