recently, we worked with a client on the construction of a new home where their goal was to create a completely certified “green” home. when it came to the floors, they settled on reclaimed oak wide plank floors, the benefits of which i’ve discussed in a previous post.


when it came to options regarding the final look of the floor, our 100% natural oil finishes were the obvious choice. i have always preferred a natural finish on our wide plank wood flooring. the organic, textured and varied appearance of our wood is what i find most attractive, so the idea of covering that with a man-made polyurethane sealer has never made sense to me, unless it’s absolutely needed for a commercial application, etc. the environmental benefits of natural floor finishes make them even more appealing.


the blend of organic vegetable and seed oils penetrate the grain of the wood to harden and protect your floor. they contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to humans as well as the environment. if you are trying to produce a “green” floor it’s really the best option—and the floors look gorgeous. the depth of the grain is enhanced and all the inherent characteristics that draw people to a wide plank hardwood floor in the first place are on full display. if you ever have an interest in seeing the results we have produced over the years using natural oil finishes on wide plank wood flooring, email or call us and set up a time to visit our shop. there’s really no better way than to see and feel the results for yourself.





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