in our business and in this blog, we talk a lot about oak, pine, hickory, and maple, but birch never seems to find its way into the conversation.  it’s a shame, because birch is a beautiful material for wide plank flooring that has a resonant character that is unique.

wide plank natural birchthe first quality of birch that stands out is its strength.  when it comes to wide plank flooring in commercial settings, i love recommending birch for its durability and its attractive grain pattern.  it stands right up to oak or maple in the hardness scale, and just seems made for a floor that will see high traffic.
when it comes to aesthetics, birch wide plank floors also stand up to the eye test.  the varied, almost creamy, contrast between the sapwood and heart wood has a character all its own.  depending on the finish, birch has an uncanny ability to run the gamut from hearty and rustic, to polished and chic.


if you are looking for a wide plank floor with character, style, and durability, a birch wide plank floor might be the answer.  there’s no better way to know than to see it up close, so make an appointment in our showroom or request a sample.


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