Woodwrights Wide Plank supplied the custom pine wide plank floors for this fun Passive House project in Greenport. Architect Wayne Turret of the Turret Collaborative built his weekend home in the village of Greenport, NY using the ethos of the Passive House Institute founded in Germany. Passive house design principles emerged from the oil crisis in the 70s. They have excellent insulation, triple-glazed windows and ventilation systems that allow for heat recovery. Some of the other specifications involve a draft free building envelope and avoidance of thermal bridges. The houses are highly efficient in terms of energy usage and use about 90% less heating energy than existing buildings. They use 75% less energy than your average new construction.

lime and white oil stained wide plank pine floors in a white and grey bathroom in Wayne Turret's Passive House, Greenport
Limed and white oil finished Woodwrights Wide Plank pine floor.
lime and white oil stained wide plank pine floors in the kitchen of Wayne Turret's Passive House, Greenport
The light and airy open plan living features light wood, white furnishing and some metallic accents to reflect the cool gray exterior of this barn style building.
Photo: Turret Collaborative

Woodwrights worked closely in achieving the ideal finish on the pine flooring. We used lime and white oil to create a bright and clean finish. Usually we work with a variety of people to achieve the end result here Wayne served as architect, general contractor and designer. This beautifully designed home showcases floors that are easy to maintain, durable and beautiful.

Sustainability is an important aspect of our business. We love wood flooring and want to make sure that we’ll be able to create the best wide plank floors for many generations to come. More importantly, we understand that the great forests of our country should be preserved so all can enjoy their beauty. That’s why we insist that all of our suppliers grow and harvest their trees in the most sustainable manner possible.

We firmly believe responsible stewardship of our natural resources is not just good business, it’s a good investment in our environment. Sustainable wood flooring will always taken into consideration when we select our woods.

We are a proud  FSC ® certified company, which means you can trust that Woodwright’s products are sourced and manufactured in the most responsible manner possible, certified by the ForestStewardship Council ®, FSC-C109137. 

Woodwrights has supplied flooring to numerous LEED certified and carbon-neutral projects and we were excited to be able to work on a unique project so close to home. To learn more about our superior client services please click here.

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