Reclaimed wood floors are very popular today for both environmental and decorative reasons, and when most people think of reclaimed wood, pine or oak are usually the first species that come to mind, as they are the most popular. One type of reclaimed wood that is sadly overlooked is chestnut. It’s a beautiful option for those looking for a floor with a great deal of character.


At one time, American chestnut was coveted for its strong, straight grain that made it extremely durable and easy to work with. Because of its strong resistance to decay, it was used in a variety of applications from telephone poles and furniture to split-rail fences and, of course, flooring. Unfortunately, during the early 1900s, a widespread breakout of the Asian Bark fungus virtually wiped out this once-prized hardwood.


Chestnut is one of the rarest reclaimed hardwoods and features worm holes, original saw marks, checking and other distinctive features that give the wood a truly unique look and features colors that range from yellow/tan to deep mocha.


By choosing this species you will be adding an elegant and valuable piece of the American past to your home or office. It’s a refreshing alternative to reclaimed pine or oak.





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