continuing our four-part species-specific series, we focus on how using long lengths for a walnut wide plank floor has a dramatic effect.


it’s been discussed here before.  yes, we are a ‘wide plank’ flooring manufacturer, but we are also a ‘long length’ flooring manufacturer in the truest sense.  woodwrights wide plank long length flooring just wouldn’t fit on our business cards.  and can you imagine the web address?!?


long length walnut wide plank

long length walnut wide plank

we’re here to talk about walnut wide plank, specifically our long length walnut wide plank. as it’s been noted on the blog previously, the warmth and depth of walnut wide plank is what makes it so unique and universally appreciated.  when you have a custom walnut wide plank floor with exceptionally long planks (think six to fourteen feet, with a majority over ten feet long), well then you really have something special.


in the photo, you can see how long lengths allows the grain pattern to unfold in long runs.  the subtle hues and soft transitions of the grain in walnut benefits tremendously from this.  in a large, open room like this the walnut takes on a much grander look, and more than fits in with the scale of the space.


this is why all of our floors, not just walnut wide plank, are milled with long length boards.  we know because we’ve been doing this a long time, and we know what a difference it makes.  we walk on them every day, in our offices, our showroom, and our homes.  we know because we live on these floors.



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