for the final installment of our series on walnut, let’s take a look at engineered walnut wide plank.

the accompanying photos are from a recent floor we milled.  we have really been getting behind a properly engineered floor as a superior product for many reasons.  when a client is making the choice to use walnut wide plank for their floors, our responsibility is to provide the most stable, durable, and beautiful product possible, and the wider we go, the more critical it is to engineer the floor.

walnut.wide.plank.1 walnut.wide.plank.3

it doesn’t change the floor, instead, it is a measure to protect the floor from reacting to any dangerous changes in it’s environment.  and even with the many decades of experience within our company, no one on our staff can get over what incredible results are achieved by engineering a floor, and walnut wide plank is no exception.


we love this floor.  it’s visually stunning, can be sanded right down to the tongue just like a solid wide plank walnut floor, but also provides the comfort of knowing it has been sourced, engineered and milled to lay flat and true for a long, long time.




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