The year has come, it is now 2016 and we seem to have been taken over by rapidly progressing technological advancements. Google glass, virtual reality goggles & hover boards are examples just to name a few. How does our swift technological development affect the way manufactures create, work and function? In a world where change has become the only constant, is quality being compromised for quantity? At Woodwrights, we take the utmost pride in every plank we produce – we never settle. Our team has embraced the technological movement while keeping up with our craftsman tradition and sky high standards.

A few ways we have used technology to modify our workplace, for the better:

Efficiency and Increased Productivity – Our mill in Riverhead, NY is a well oiled machine. From our amazing team of craftsmen who create and care for each floor to the machines we use to produce the most accurate engineered & solid planks in the industry, there is nothing we cannot custom create. Whatever your vision may be – we can and will manufacture it.

Increased Collaboration – Technology has without a doubt made the world an even smaller place. We have convenient access to communication across seas. Sourcing our wood has become more efficient than ever & we are able to source from sustainable forests. We travel across seas multiple times a year to personally hand select the trees we later mill into wood planks for your home. We KNOW we are giving you the best quality product- thanks to technology, this is possible.

Improved Cost Management – Our ability to maintain the best quality in the business paired with minimum lead time becomes cost effective on both ends. With the most precise machines in the industry less mistakes are made. This allows us to create your perfect floor on the first try – directly lowering the cost for both the manufacturer and consumer.


Technology is reshaping the workplace, and having the right tools in place helps Woodwrights Wide Plank Flooring stay ahead and create the custom quality floors of your dreams.

How has the rapid technological development affected your life?


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