Change things up with some large art.

Much like the seasons, your taste and style will inevitably change. As the warm summer air transitions into a crisp autumn breeze, you may be looking for a little change to transform your interior space, brighten your mood and add new life to your home.

A great, and truly easy way to breathe new life into a room is to opt for a piece oversize art. Make a statement by swapping out your gallery style photos and other smaller wall pieces for one large statement piece. It may seem like quite a commitment, but it will set the tone of your entire room while simultaneously achieving a look that’s simple, clean and crisp.

The impact of oversize art is directly related to its size — in other words, huge!

Check out the photo below and you can see what I mean. The large image becomes an interesting focal point for this cozy library. It’s a big photo for sure, but it doesn’t distract from the other interesting design touches the room has.

So, when a little change in scenery is in order, think big!

large art is a great design idea

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