Simply put, Walnut is a great for wide plank flooring. It’s an intense wood with strong, grain patterns — and what sets it apart from many other woods is the depth of these patterns. When you look closely you’ll notice that the varying widths and swirl of the grain are highly defined and clear. This is primary due to the strong contrast between the grain and the wood itself.


Because of Walnut’s beautiful natural color (ranging from light mocha to intense chocolate), it looks beautiful with both natural and stained finishes. Many of our clients opt for a natural matte or gloss finish to preserve the original color of the wood.


We hand select our Walnut from a domestic walnut specialist, and offer two grades to choose from depending on the look you are tying to achieve:


Clean: when you are trying to achieve a flowing, streamlined look for your floor, clear is the perfect choice. Our clear grade has a flowing grain with no knots or interruptions — perfect for contemporary settings where clean lines are the order of the day. Take a look at the sample below:




Knotted: as the name implies, this grade of walnut contains knots that can interrupt the grain flow and create a unique look. It’s perfect for more rustic or colonial settings.


If you’d like to learn more about our Walnut wide plank flooring, please do not hesitate to contact us at 212-390-8944 or visit our showroom in New York City at 200 Lexington avenue.


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