woodwrights_1it’s a serious question.  unfortunately, most people can’t answer it.


there are so many questions that come into play when researching any finishes for your home or commercial space.  it definitely helps to know the source and know who is responsible for what you are paying for.  when it comes to wide plank flooring, it’s no different.


when we deliver a floor to a customer, each board that arrives has had eyes on it along every step of the process.  our shop has a full time machinist, custom grinding knives when necessary.







when someone has a question about their floor, we are able to answer it, because the chain of custody stops with us.  this peace of mind is constantly overlooked, but our clients know what a difference it makes, which is why we have so many that come back to us time and time again for a custom wide plank floor for their next home or project.


the fact is, most flooring companies/showrooms are resellers of a manufacturer’s product.  this is not always a bad thing, some are reputable and stand behind the product.  unfortunately, many are not, and it can lead to major issues.


if your engineered floor was manufactured in china, are you certain the glues used are non-toxic?  was the material sourced responsibly or dried properly?  what about the lengths, did they cut everything short to streamline packing into a shipping container?  did that container sit out in the hot sun or on a damp dock somewhere for days or even weeks?  how much experience do the manufacturers have?  at woodwrights wide plank, we have dozens of years of experience on our staff in carpentry, construction and machining.




so when it comes right down to it, there’s really only one question you need to ask.

who’s milling your floor?


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