It’s that time of year again!

The temperature drops. Darkness rolls in a little sooner each day. You’re sitting on the couch with your cozy slippers and a nice steamy cup of hot cocoa when you look down and realize your solid wood floor planks look like they shrunk.

Although controlling a natural product such as wood is nearly an impossible feat, there is an alternative process to consider when investing in your new floors — engineered planks.

Engineered flooring is the best of both worlds.  Thanks to the actual process of engineering wood, the infamous shrinking/movement of the wood is minimized drastically while simultaneously allowing you to have the real wood floors you fell in love with in the first place.

Benefits to choosing engineered wide planks:

  • They’re gorgeous
  • Same real wood
  • Same look as solid
  • Little to no movement
  • Same wear layer as solid
  • Stable wider widths achieved
  • ‘Creaking’ minimized drastically
  • Much more control of finished product

How it works:

Woodwrights natural wood of choice first goes through an extensive drying process – this alone helps control the swelling/shrinking of planks as seasons change. Each plank is then horizontally sliced with our band saw to create multiple faces.   These faces are examined and measured extensively to ensure consistency of the finished product. All approved planks are then glued to natural birch plywood. *In the engineering process birch plywood is important not only to achieve a specific height, but for stability. When plywood is created the grains of each ply are arranged & glued in a perpendicular pattern, followed by heavy compression.*  Next the wood face is compressed onto the plywood and set to dry. Finally the tongue and groove is put in place, and the planks are trimmed to the specified lengths. A natural oil finish is then applied either on site or at our mill in Riverhead.

two-layer-diagram copy

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