pre-oiled wire-brushed country grade white oak

pre-oiled wire-brushed country grade white oak

currently, as i am writing this, there is snow on the ground in 49 of 50 states.  that’s not a typo, every state but one.  I can’t help it, because my mind immediately thinks of the sand and salt and grit on roads and sidewalks and the damage they can do to people’s beautiful floors.  tracking this into homes can be difficult if you don’t have a stone or tile foyer or mudroom.  you’ve seen what it does to concrete and asphalt, so imagine what it wants to do to wood, or a floor’s finish.


i’m not reinventing the wheel by recommending you leave boots, etc outside when possible, but i guess i’ve been surprised to see how many friends of mine don’t even adhere to the basics of floor care.  the scratched or foggy spot by their front door tells the tale.


that’s one of the reasons i’m glad i refinished the floors in my home with our natural oils.  the floor is protected, but unlike the polyurethane finish i had previously, my floors are repairable.  if i had that foggy spot by my front door, my only recourse would be to sand and refinish my entire floor or cover it up with a rug.


this winter has been a tough one for everyone around the country.  save yourself the headache of a pricey and invasive floor refinishing by taking a few basic steps to protect what you have.

and for all you trivia buffs wondering which lonely state was left out of the snow party, if you said hawaii, which seems like the obvious choice, you would have been wrong.  it’s florida.




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