we were fortunate enough to receive a nice little mention in the style section of this month’s issue of architectural digest.

it’s a small blurb in their ‘essentials’ profile, with a photo of a pair of materials and finishes that have been gaining momentum for awhile now.  greys(or grays, if you prefer) are all the rage lately, and the oil finishes we’ve been working with are grabbing people’s attention.  just since labor day, we’ve milled and delivered a maple floor and two oak floors with grey finishes, and, based on the response we’ve seen from the AD feature, we’ll be producing quite a few more.

reclaimed and premium grade oak with grey finishes

reclaimed and premium grade oak with grey finishes

it’s easy to write it off as a fad, and maybe it is, but i see a style that can persevere amidst people’s constantly changing tastes.  hot pink and neon green, that’s a different story.

grey/white tones don’t clash harshly with other elements that might exist in the space, and they can certainly be modified lighter or darker with the right lighting to mesh even better.  in the winter, a grey wide plank floor is like that wool sweater you just can’t bring yourself to send to good will, toasty and comforting.  in warmer months, it takes on the feel of that beach cottage you loved spending summers in as a kid.

to me, wide plank reclaimed and white oak finished with grey tones are versatile mediums that will hold up well as a stylistic element.  they are also incredibly durable floors that, if cared for, will provide decades and decades of enjoyment, at least long enough for these hairstyles to go in and out of fashion once or twice.

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