we’ve said it before, woodwrights wide plank is a family company.  we try to stay active in our community, and help the teachers in our local schools get the tools they need to be successful.  if there’s one thing we know, it’s the value of having the right tools on the job.


last fall it was iPads, this year, we went in a different direction.  smart technologies is a great company that produces “smart boards” for use in education, government and business applications.  they also just happen to be a few floors up from our showroom in the nydc.  it was a perfect fit.  when st. isidores elementary on long island was developing an educational suite, a smart board seemed to be just what was needed.


it was installed at the end of 2013, and so far, the results have been fantastic.  according to the teachers, the kids are drawn to the board (no pun intended), and the interactive aspects allow for learning several in different ways.


we’re happy to be a part of it, happy to be out in the community, it’s when work doesn’t feel like work.



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